The Glorious past of Mair Kshatriyas (Mers)

The Glorious past of Mair Kshatriyas (Mers): A Journey through the ancient history

Ancient history reveals that the Glorious Past of Mair Kshatriyas goes back to the Sumerian (Literary ‘Land of the Lords of Brightness’ in Sumerian language) Empire of the Mesopotamia civilization, the most ancient known civilization of the world. The archaeological data suggest that at the beginning of human civilization on the planet earth, these were the Sumers who were serving the humanity through their wisdom and knowledge. The archaeological and historical data suggest that the Sumers (Su-Mer) or Šumeru of Sumerian Empire of Mesopotamia, the ancestral Mers of the cradle of human civilization, were also known as Shinar, Šin`ar, Sennaar or Shene nahar during the Bronze Age. While travelling through the history, the word Shinar, Šin`ar, Sennaar or Shene nahar for the Sumer (Su-Mer) of the Bronze Age became as Sunar (सुनर: नरों में श्रेष्ठ) during Late Harappan phase (ca. 1700 to 1300 BCE) and the Vedic civilization of the Early Iron Age. Sir Herbert Hope Risley (4 January 1851 – 30 September 1911), while writing his books on tribes and castes system in India described these Sunar (सुनर: नरों में श्रेष्ठ) of Late Harappan phase (ca. 1700 to 1300 BCE) as Sunar caste (now pronounced as ‘सुनार’ in Hindi).

The Mair Kshatriyas (Mers) of present day are the decedents of this brave ancient race of Sumer (Mers) or Šumeru or Shinar, who ruled the planet earth for thousands of years during ancient Sumerian Empire and Median Dynasty and Medo-Persian Achaemenian dynasty of Greater Iran.

There are clear well documented scripts and historical, documented record that the Medes had adopted the profession of Gold during 800-1000 BC. A lot had been uncovered for Sumers and Medes by world-wide historians, however, everyone forgot to connect the link between the Lords of Brightness, the brave Sumers or Medes or Shinar with the present day Mairs, Mair Rajputs, Sunar or Swarnkars.

The aim of ‘’ is to highlight and present the historical facts about the origin of current day Mairs or Mair Kshatriyas before the world, to help them to get the similar social status in the society as they always deserved since their origin.

The Vision

Mair Kshatriyas Central ( aims to rediscover the footprints of most ancient human civilization, the civilization of the Mairs, the MEDES, the Goldsmiths, the Sunar (सुनर: नरों में श्रेष्ठ), the Mair Kshatriyas, the forgotten Royal Nobility Warrior of Ancient times.

The Mission

  • To Rediscover the Royal Medes, the Mairs
  • To provide a Global platform to reunite them
  • To highlight their glorious past & present
  • To spread their ancestral knowledge
  • To devise a system to ensure a high living standard for every Medes worldwide